People spend a massive amount of time and money on the outside aesthetic of their homes. It’s therapeutic, looks fabulous, and raises the value.

In fact, if you spend as little as 5% of the value of your home on landscape projects, it can boost return on investment by as much as 150%. Seems like a no-brainer, doesn’t it?

Among various landscape supplies and sundry complex landscaping needs, there’s a simple piece of nature that we’re in love with: trees. They’re such great natural accessories to your landscape, so we’re going to tell you why you need trees in your life and on your property.

They’re built in gardens
First of all, saplings are the cutest. Secondly, as they begin to grow, one of the easiest places to plant a garden is in a little circle surrounding the tree’s trunk! After some time, the garden will flourish and a tree will grow from the center of it. There are even places with slightly mature trees for sale that can be purchased and transplanted on your land if you don’t feel like going the sapling route. Just make sure you’re growing things that complement each other and don’t hinder each other’s growth.

Nature’s shelter
As trees grow, they attract small animals who use them as shelter. Adding to your blossoming landscape, you’ll have woodland friends alighting on branches and scurrying about. Not to mention, trees are magnificent barriers against high winds and intense heat. Blocking your house from winter winds and summer heat actually does marginally well for your energy costs! Be careful, though, large trees close to the house have to be maintained. Wayward branches may mean shade one day and a broken window the next, so keep an eye out.

Property maturity
People invest in landscape supplies because of their desire for property maturity. A well-maintained landscape will age beautifully, making your property grow in value and elegance. Trees are the best for this because they grow for a very long time, usually outliving the property owners. Planting trees strategically will make for a woodscape that will look fairytale-esque in 20 to 30 years.

You love your home and the land surrounding it, so we know you want to take care of it. Trees, flowers, shrubs, whatever landscape supplies you want to make your property shine, put your heart into it and your home will grow along with you.