Could your yard use a little landscaping makeover? While 67% of Americans responded to a recent survey by Harris Poll for the National Association of Landscape Professionals saying they agree that professional landscaping would help them have a better yard, DIY projects can give you the same results. With the right landscape supplies, a little research, and some patience, you can have a beautiful yard you can be proud to say you did yourself. To help get you started on your DIY project, we’ve compiled a few tips for landscape beginners.

Focus on all four seasons
While it may be tempting to plant wonderful flowers and shrubbery that only bloom in the spring or summer, this can leave your landscaping looking dull for the remainder of the year. The key is to have something of interest in your landscaping for each season. So you should have flowering trees, shrubs, and flowers during the warm months, some nice fall foliage in the fall, and good remaining structure during the winter months.

Choose a focal point
 It’s important to choose a few focal points to focus on when designing your landscape. Whether it’s a tree, a water feature, or a series of plants, it’s a good idea to have a few key elements in your design to draw attention to. This should be done before choosing your landscape supplies so you know exactly what you need.

Find a balance
Throughout your landscape design, there should be a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors. While it’s important to repeat certain elements to provide a sense of unity, having too much of one plant or tree can get boring. Because of this, you should add in occasional different elements to find a balance between repetition and variety.

Don’t forget the hardscaping
Many people who tackle DIY landscaping projects forget about hardscape features. While they may seem intimidating at first, hardscapes can be a great way to bring everything together. These elements could include something as simple as a fence or a pathway to help guide people through the landscape design and give it a little more definition.

Start small
This may be the most important things for beginners to remember. Unfortunately, not everyone can create a masterpiece landscape project in a day or two. One of the best parts of creating a landscape is slowly planning each element and enjoying the progress you may each day. You should give yourself time to see how your plan is unfolding and this will allow you to make any changes along the way.

Hopefully, you’re feeling more confident about tackling your landscape project yourself. With these few tips and some high-quality landscape supplies you should be ready to begin your project and be on your way to having a beautiful yard.